The main purposes of the Astronomy Club of Virginia Tech are to promote the study of astronomy through public education in the Blacksburg community and to improve and increase each member's knowledge of astronomy.
We can be reached through our
club e-mail, AstroClubVT@gmail.com, or by emailing one of the team members below. 

During a regular semester, we have regular meetings on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, do to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person meetings are canceled for the foreseeable future. Open houses will continue for smaller numbers of masked participants once the Observatory has been repaired.

Club observing at Anderson Observatory is also held on specific nights on the "off-weeks" when the club does not have a Thursday meeting. This bi-weekly event is limited to paid club members, but paid members may feel free to bring a friend. Note that this is not an Open House.          Non-paying members or students seeking extra credit should attend regular Open Houses (more information below).


ACVT is a general interest astronomy club, so no experience or academic background is required for membership. Any person with an interest in astronomy is eligible to become a member.


Annual dues of fifteen dollars are collected in the fall semester. Members joining in the spring or who will only be present for one semester will only be required to pay ten dollars. In addition, members can pay an additional ten dollars for a custom ACVT t-shirt. See the Club Constitution and By-laws for more information. We accept cash payments made in person for dues as well as sending dues to our Venmo account @AstroClubVT. Both methods require your email and name for our records.


For more information about becoming a club member and paying dues, please contact the treasurer, David Harris (dbh428@vt.edu). To be added to the club email list, please contact the webmaster, Jacob Vlcek (vjacob@vt.edu). 


Public Open Houses at the Anderson Memorial Observatory are held on Fridays after sundown (weather permitting). Please go to the Home page to see the status of the next Open House. Anyone interested may attend, including Intro to Astronomy (PHYS 1055/6 & PHYS 1155/6) students seeking extra credit. Please read the Anderson Observatory page before attending for directions. Outreach events within and for the Blacksburg community are often held on campus, at the observatory, and off campus by club members whenever the opportunity arises. Events have been held with local high schools, middle school students, and local residents.

Constitution and By-laws
The ACVT Team
Michael Hughes

President/Observatory Docent


Major:  Material Science


Helen Salko



Major: Water: Resources, Policy, and Management


Monty Campbell

Vice President

Major: Physics


David Harris



Major: Aerospace Engineering


Jacob Vlcek


Major: Physics


Magda Moses

Advising Officer


Major: Electrical Engineering