Club Events

Club Meetings:

All club meetings have been canceled do to the pandemic.

Astrophotography Workshops:

Astrophotography workshops are sporadic events where members and others interested in astroimaging gather at the Anderson Observatory and discuss and practice a variety of imaging techniques. Images obtained by club members are posted on our Instagram page and shown during club meetings.

Joint SPS-Astro Club Hike:

At the end of the spring semester, paid members of both the Astronomy Club and SPS (Society of Physics Students) hike MacAfee's Knob and stargaze on the mountain top. 

Observatory Open Houses:

On Friday evenings at 8:30 - 10:00 pm, weather permitting, an observatory docent will be conducting an open house for members of the public. Announcements regarding cancellations are posted on our website before 5:00 pm on that Friday.

Presently, the telescope is being repaired, and will be online in a few weeks. An announcement will be made when it is functional again.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Presentations

Past Events

  • Pluto Debate

  • Greenbank Telescope Trip

  • Camping Trips

  • Eclipse Viewings at the Observatory

  • Joint SPS (Society of Physics Students) and Astronomy Club hike

  • Lunar eclipse viewing on the Drillfield